My development from nail polish newbie to nail art know-it-all!

I am a twenty-seven year old multitasker with a newfound passion for nail art. It all started with a lot of free time and my inability to sit still. I am at that point in my life that I have finished my education and have to start my professional life, so I have a lot to figure out.

I have always liked nail polish, but with some 30 polishes and most of the time too lazy to renew my mani every few weeks, I never really paid very much attention to the possibilities. However, that did not stop me from loving the colours and enjoying it when I’d actually put on some polish, as well as looking in awe at the beautiful nails some women have. At that time, I had a job as a cashier in a local supermarket, and often there were women at the counter with wonderful salon nail art. So, while they were paying for their groceries, I was always drooling.

One day, while I was sitting at home, thinking about what I want to do next with my life, it occurred to me that I have always wanted some of those amazing supermarket-woman designs on my nails (ok, so I got side-tracked). However, the idea of going to a salon and having a manicure did not really appeal to me, especially because of the price tag connected to it, but also, how to choose that one perfect design for that one time you go there? So, for the first time I thought of the Internet and Googled nail art, and suddenly, it was a Whole New World.

Since then, I have been trying a lot of designs out, as well as having started to use some general nail art tools. I am far from being a nail polish ‘know-it-all’, but my trying designs of others, experimenting with new things,  my collection and where I get my inspiration from can all be found on this site, so join me in my colourful journey!