Flocking Powder Wildprint

Today, I will show you a design I had on my nails in August. I really need to get up to speed! This is a design I did not think of myself, but is an idea of Youtuber Professional IDQ, so all the credit goes to her. Watch her tutorial here!

However, I got really inspired by this video and also very curious to test this flocking powder out, so I decided to imitate her wildprint design and order some powder at bornprettystore.com.

When I first visisited the site, I realised they have a lot of nail art supplies/accessories, and I mean a lot. Their collection varies from nail polish to stickers, to stamping plates to a great amount of (3D) studs, rhinestones and other decorations. Not to mention the fact that they also have jewellery, clothes, watches, and so on. And it is so cheap! So hurry to their site and buy something because they gave me a code for 10% off as well! Use code CLTTX31.

So, clearly this post is about flocking powder, see here for all colours available. I ordered the tuquoise colour, and the small case came with these spoon-like tweezers and a brush. I always think it’s a lot of fun to work with new materials, so I enjoyed messing around with this stuff!

Here are my recreation photos:

It feels really strange on your nails, you almost want to keep stroking them 😉 Unfortunately, the powder does not last very long on your nails, of course depending on the kind/quality of your adhesion, your manual labour and how generously you applied the powder. I gave it about three days before changing my mani, but I probably could have applied it better (for instance, I used a top coat instead of nail glue to adhere the powder). I would definitely recommend to try it out!

Colours used:
Essie – Hide & Go Chic
Essie – Licorice
China Glaze – Aquadelic
KBShimmer – I Only Have Ice For You



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