Mirror Mirror

A few weeks ago, I received a package I have been excited about for a long time: a nail polish that is supposed to give your nails a mirror-like effect. It comes with a special nail file with two different sides. Both sides are used before polishing, but have to be used in a specific order. After that, the polish can be applied. Using a top coat is a possibility, but the polish reflects more light without a top coat.

Naturally, I only learned all this information from watching a forever-taking, but really clear Italian video, in order to get my facts straight before I wrote this blog. Since I didn’t know all this when I used the polish myself, of course I did it completely wrong. I used one side of the file before applying polish and the other one after, so my ‘mirror’ does not reflect as well. However, the design did turn out rather nicely!

Inspired by the mirror-polish, I decided to make actual little mirrors on my nails. Not very diffcult, but very cute. I wanted to make all of my nails the same, so I did not make a design for an accent nail.
I just painted a silver stripe on the base colour of all of my nails, then made them into a circular shape by adding dots around them in two different colours. Then, I put a slightly smaller dot, using the base colour, on top of the white ones. Ultimately, I did use a top coat, so don’t be as foolish as me!

The colours I used are:
– a base coat (and a top coat..)
– L’OrĂ©al Marie Antoinette
– Layla Mirror Effect Metal Chrome
– OPI Alpine Snow
– China Glaze Sweet Hook

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