Moroccan Freestyle

The whole Arabia-inspired thing started with this Moroccan design of MissJenFabulous, of which my own recreation can be found on the gallery page. I found this design rather inspirational, so I found some images with Arabic patterns to create a second (and even a third one after that) nail art design!

The design is based on this and this typical eye-blinding, but beautiful pattern. I decided to use a very fresh, mainly blue and green colour scheme. And with the addition of some orange, it became a pretty happy and clean-looking combination. I painted versions of the same pattern on four nails of each hand and made two accent nails. The hill-like patterns are hand-painted and therefore not completely perfect (and, a LOT of work!). I really have to think of a more efficient and easier way to make something similar…

My right hand features an intricate dotted pattern, which I really did not wanted to try on my left hand, being afraid as I was to mess it up. So for my left accent nail I went for a written Arabic word. Never mind, of course, that I am left-handed when it comes to writing (smart choice, right). But it turned out pretty well, I think. The word says al-houb, which means ‘love’! Also, it was one of the easiest words to paint that I could find.

Colours used:
– OPI – Tart Green Apple (shadow polish, actually Did It On ‘Em)
– OPI – Go Into the Light (shadow polish, actually My Jay or the Highway)
– China Glaze – For Audrey
– China Glaze – Holly-Day
– L’Oréal – Lush Tangerine

The third design can be found at, but the blog post is for Dutchies only. The colour scheme is set around the colour of the year 2015, marsala. The other people will unfortunately have to make do with this picture!

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