News from China!

Today a nail art special, with a China theme! The reason for this: my sister and her husband have been in the adoption programme for years, and this week they finally heard they can probably travel to China in November, and bring their son back home! Of course, this is incredible news, so I wanted to celebrate. I decided to dedicate this post to the three of them. Over the past time, I have worn two China-themed nail art designs on my nails, which I would now finally like to share with you.

The first one is an imitation of a design made by Robin Moses, so all the credit for this wonderful look goes to her. Granted, this may be more of a Japanese design because of the cherry blossoms, but whatever. It is really easy to make and turns out so beautiful, please check out her tutorial video here.
I tried out a pink and a green version of this design (for the latter I used my sister as a guinea pig).

Colours used pink version:                                         Colours used green version:
OPI – Alpine Snow                                                            Sally Hansen – White On
Essie – Fiji                                                                              China Glaze – Keep Calm, Paint On
China Glaze – Passion for Petals                              L’Oréal – Vedome Emerald
China Glaze – Enchantment                                       OPI – Rising Star
Black nail art striper                                                       Black nail art striper

The second design I created myself and was inspired by the things that speak out “China” to me the most. On my thumb there’s the shape of a Chinese house that I painted with a nail art pen. On my index finger is a China rose or hibiscus. The third finger has a character on it, for which I also used a nail art pen. This is the most important image of the five, because the word means ‘child’.. The next finger has a panda bear, because who could think of China and not think panda, right? And on my pinky finger is the Chinese flag. I really had a lot of fun making this design, especially because it has a lot of meaning to me :)

For this design I used the following colours:
Rimmel – Ready, Aim, Paint!
Rimmel – Instyle Coral
Lime Crime – Crema de Limón
OPI – Alpine Snow
Essie – Licorice
MASH – Black nail art pen

I think it is safe to say that our whole family cannot wait to meet our new child/nephew/grandson! We have seen some photos of him as well as a short video, and we know all kinds of funny trivia about him (like his favourite food is potatoes) but we are so ready to finally welcome him home!



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