The pattern on my middle finger continues on the paper!

Aboriginal Art

So, I made this design a long time ago and I actually completely forgot to post a blog about it! It was fairly easy to make, because I found a picture of some Aboriginal art online and just recreated some parts of the design. Unfortunately, I could not find any information about this specific design, so I have no idea what it depicts. What I do know is that Aboriginal art dates back to about 30.000 years BC, and that it is usually cave art. Also, geometric art like the one I used here is one of the three major styles in Aboriginal art.

To create this design, all you have to do is make dots! I imitated the same order of colours, following the same shapes. The only difference between the original design and mine is the fact that I used red as a base, but not in the pattern (except when used next to black). Yet in the original design, two types of red are used to be be able to have red dots on a red background.

I like the finished design very much!!

Colours used:
OPI – Alpine Snow
Rimmel – Black Out
OPI – Bastille My Heart (or perhaps Rimmel Red Obsession, I can’t quite remember!)
Yellow – mix of L’Oréal Banana Pop with a drop of Rimmel Black Out



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