Purple Lace

Wake up your inner craftswoman! This is a very winter-ish, antique-like design, perfect if you have some scissors and some time to kill.

Step 1. Paint your nails in any colour you like. I used China Glaze – Charmed, I’m Sure.

PKStep 2. Find some lacey ribbon, simply cut out some of the beautiful patterns, and adhere them to your nails with top coat.

It’s that easy! Just be careful with deciding to add a layer of top coat over the lace, because this has both an advantage and a disadvantage: a top coat can be very useful, since the lace is soft and its quality tends to decline after a few days (you just don’t realise how many times you wash your hands!).
On the other hand, though, adding a top coat hardens the lace and can even create some sharp edges. I tried this with a generous amount of top coat on my thumb, and it looked just different, less beautiful. Perhaps the sharpness can be solved by adding even more top coat, but I didn’t feel like using a whole bottle on one mani 😉
So in the end, I stuck with the soft, delicate lace and just paid attention to what I was doing. After a few days, I just cut some loose threads and it was almost as good as new.

And it looks so pretty!!

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