Purple vs. White

Today’s design is very easy. You basically need three different colours, throwing in a glitter is optional. The colours I used are:
OPI – Alpine Snow
China Glaze – Fancy Pants
China Glaze – Fairy Dust
L’Oréal – Flashing Lilac

Please note that Fancy Pants shows up blue on the photos, but in real life, it is actually very purple! I also tried to make a picture of the lilac shimmer that can be seen in the bottle, but is not visible on the nails (which is kind of a pity).

First, you divide your nails into halves. I did mine half purple, half white. After that, I gave some nails a layer of glitter. Then, I made a row of purple dots, covering up the middle line. Please make sure to leave enough room for white dots in between the purple ones. After adding the white dots, the middle line is completely gone and seems to wiggle. The design kind of looks like a ring binder.

Here are some pictures of the different steps to create the design:

The last step is adding a smaller lilac dot to the white dots on the middle line of your nail. And voilà!

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