Today a design that was strongly based on the one below, so all the credit goes to

A friend of mine noticed this design and suggested it to me. Coincidentally, I had recently acquired some nail art brushes, and I hadn’t tried out the one used in this design yet. The brush is a broad, hand fan-shaped tool, ideal for creating a background shade or in this case, tiny tiger stripes.

I did decide to change the colours of the design because I feel I have been using purple and especially blue a lot lately. The colours I used are some great OPI metallics and an OPI burgundy red, respectively Rising Star (base), Take the Stage, and Bastille My Heart. The design is very easy to make: just layer stripes in two colours (here, orangey copper and red) over a base colour (a yellowish copper in my design). I re-striped the yellow and orange over the darker red as well, because the red kind of covered everything at first.



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