P-S 4

Penny Polish

Time for a Big Bang Theory-inspired design! Who doesn’t love the adventures of Penny, Sheldon and the others? Remember the episode where Sheldon helps Penny to set up her own little company of making the cute barrettes she called Penny Blossoms? Well, these are no Penny Blossoms, but they are certainly just as cool!
I have always liked the sweater/cardigan that Penny wears in the Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization episode. It always makes me happy, with the rainbows and the coloured clouds.

Penny's sweater

Penny’s sweater



Right? So some time ago, I thought, why not make a nail art design out of it? It was very easy to do, it took me only a couple of dotting tools and 7 polishes (this depends on how detailed you would want to make the rainbow).

The colours I used are the following:
– base coat and top coat, of course
– OPI Alpine Snow
– Rimmel Ready, Aim, Paint!
– L’Oréal Sky Fits Heaven
– L’Oréal Lush Tangerine
– L’Oréal Banana Pop
– L’Oréal Wasabi Hint
– L’Oréal Flashing Lilac

And the result was this!

Very happy and summer-like 😀

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