Winter Wonderland

A bit late, but this design turned out to be more of a winter design than a Christmas-themed design anyway, so that’s really ok!

There’s a whole winter wonderland to be seen here: a snowy landscape with hills against a blue sky background. A sled has landed on the nails of my forefingers, after having slid from the steep hill on my ring fingers. A few pine trees can be found, and if you look closely you can also see a snow man! The landscape is completed by falling snowflakes, and patches of relief – textured polish- in the snow.

Just admit now that you’d like to enter this cosy snow world! Let’s hope this wonderland becomes reality in rainy, not-at-all-cold Holland! Otherwise, you can always try out this easy design.

Colours used:
Sally Hansen – White On
L’Oréal – Lady Chocolate
L’Oréal – Lush Tangerine
L’Oréal – Sky Fits Heaven
L’Oréal – So Chic Fox
China Glaze – Holly-Day
China Glaze – There’s Snow One Like You



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