China Glaze – Swanky Silk

So, this is my first official review post. The urge to create a page with reviews has come from newly-tested polishes, which then looked so fabulous that I wanted to say something about them. Therefore, this is a whole page dedicated to solely the colour and quality of polishes instead of them having been used in a nail art design. Besides, I always think it very useful to read some reviews before buying polish, since I buy most of my polishes online.

The polish I want to talk about today is China Glaze’s Swanky Silk. Frankly, when I bought it, I did not really expect a lot of it. That is also why I finally decided to try it out about half a year later. And what a mistake that was! This polish is so beautiful that it was the one that actually inspired the creation of this whole review-page..

This polish is a duochrome metallic (please know that I am still a beginner with these terms, which is why the pictures shown are taken in both shade and sunlight), turning from a greenish gold to a light purple-like pink. The application is great, no problems whatsoever, I did two coats. In the photos below, I combined Swanky Silk with an accent nail of CG Material Girl.



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