The Perfect Grey

And I’m not talking about Mr. Grey! Who needs him when you have polish, right? No, I have been wanting to do this post for a while. And since the Fifty Shades of Grey collection was just released by OPI, I figured now would be a very good time. I have been searching for the perfect grey colour for years, but I never seem to exactly remember how the colour I see somewhere compares to one I already have, or to the idea of the ‘perfect grey’ in my head. To me, the perfect grey is a combination of purely black and white, and not too dark. But most of the greys I stumble upon are greiges (grey with a brown undertone) or greys with a blue undertone…

So, I thought why not make a comparison of four different greys that I own, so others can compare the colours as well? I do not own any polishes of the Fifty Shades of Grey collection, but swatches of those are obviously all over the Internet.

The colours I chose, are, from left to right:Gr1
Essie – Urban Jungle
Essie – Master Plan
Essie – Chinchilly
KBShimmer – My Life’s Porpoise

As seen on the photos below, the Essie polishes are clearly brown-based, whereas the KBSHimmer polish is blue-based. Urban Jungle is maybe even more of a nude than a grey, but I just wanted to show the difference with the others. Master Plan and Chinchilly are very much alike, but Chinchilly is just a little darker. My Life’s Porpoise is not very dark or very light, but looks very blue in comparison to the others. On its own, it seems a lot more grey.

My favourite of these four is definitely My Life’s Porpoise. Although it clearly has a blue undertone, it is exactly as light as I like it to be. Nevertheless, my quest for the perfect grey continues..

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